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Comfortable Bedrooms

Each bedroom features its own queen bed (with memory foam hybrid mattress), freshly outfitted with brand-new sheets and a cozy comforter, along with a 32" LED flat-screen TV and a dedicated workspace.


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Modern Living Room

Relax and socialize in our generously-sized living areas which are fully furnished. A 55" TV and high speed internet (500Mbps - 1Gpbs) makes this the perfect place for unwinding after a day of FAA Academy training.


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Beautiful Bathrooms

Freshen up in our clean and modern bathrooms equipped with all the essentials you need.


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Expansive Yards

Our properties boast spacious yards, providing outdoor space for relaxation and outdoor activities.


Fully Furnished Kitchens

A well-equipped kitchen with pots and pans, plates, bowls, silverware, cups, and a variety of appliances to make your kitchen experience great!

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Grocery Program

Our popular grocery program is available to those who are willing to room with 2 roommates on a monthly basis.


Gym Membership

Each FAA student will receive a free gym membership when they stay with FAA Crashpads.

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