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Enhance your FAA Academy experience by finding a study group, utilizing memory techniques, making to-do lists, streamlining grocery shopping, scheduling rest and organization time, incorporating study breaks, and prioritizing a healthy diet and exercise

April 26, 2021

1. Find a Study Group

It’s no secret that study groups can make or break you while at the FAA academy. At FAACP we do our best to put you with classmates or others going through your type of training. However, if we can’t then the other providers are just a short drive away where you will find other classmates.

2. Use Memory Techniques

Your brain will retain the knowledge better if you break it down into pieces or make it fun and memorable. Here are the best techniques out there:





3. Make to do lists

This habit has stuck with me from some of my busiest times in college and during pilot training. I try to make a list every day, but at a minimum, weekly and often Sunda evening before the work week starts.  If I cross 3 things off my list per day, I consider myself successful

4. Online Grocery shopping

Simply build your grocery list on an app and press checkout when ready to either pick up or have them delivered. This will easily save you 2-3 hour/week. Oklahoma City has all of the services you could think of:  Walmart pickup, Shipt, Insta Cart, and Target grocery pickup are a few of the big ones, so  make sure to take advantage!

5. Take time to rest and organize

Take one day on the weekend and use it to destress and organize yourself. This is a good time to meal prep and plan to make your week go more smoothly

6. Build in study breaks

Studies have shown that the brain can only focus on a task effectively for 30-45 mins. When you start to notice yourself becoming overly distracted that is a good time to take a 5-10 min break.

7. Eat healthy and exercise

This will only improve your performance. Make homecooked meals in your FAA Crashpad kitchen then go for a nature hike at nearby Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge. You won’t regret it!

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