Unlock extra cash during your demanding FAA Academy course with self-pay lodging and meal reimbursement, potentially saving $2,400 in four months, all while supporting the Yellow Ribbon fund

June 28, 2018

Ok, so you are not doing nothing, you are attending a tough course at the FAA Academy, but it is also an opportunity to put money in your pocket. When you attend a course at the FAA you have a few options for where to stay based on your needs. For your long term stay, the FAA authorizes up to $57/day for lodging and you get $37.40/day for meals and incidentals.  For lodging, you have two options: can do direct bill with the FAA academy or self-pay and then get reimbursed by the FAA when you file your voucher.  If you do direct bill, you don’t need to file a voucher and the FAA Academy deals directly with the housing provider to pay your lodging bill.  The big downside is you can’t pocket any extra money.  If you chose that option, every housing provider, including us, will charge the full $57/day.  That being said, the best deal for you is to do self-pay and then file a voucher.  If you do that, the FAA will reimburse you the full $5/day regardless of how much you actually spend on housing. With current rates as low as $37 a night for a long term stay you will save $600 for every month you choose to stay with us. So if you are hear for a 4 month course you could save roughly $2400!  If you are having to support two households or you just want to save money then, choosing a crashpad like us is definitely the way to go. So… don’t just give your hard earned cash away to a provider based on the idea of a special Valentines day party. Our place is decked out with everything you need to make you feel at home.  Did we mention a portion of the profits benefit the Veteran’s charity the Yellow Ribbon fund. So stay with us, save money, as well benefit a great cause!

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