Congratulations on your acceptance to ATC training at the FAA Academy; check out FAA Academy Student Services for lodging options, including FAA Crashpads, a veteran-owned and operated housing provider with personal service and amenities like cable and gym access.

May 19, 2022

Congratulations you got accepted to go through ATC training at the FAA Academy. Now what? You might checkout the great resource provided for you by the FAA Academy Student Services website that provides you with some vetted options for lodging while you are at training.  Rest easy, FAA Crashpads is on there!

We are not only veteran owned and operated we are a Mom and Pop meaning we have a one-on-one relationship with our students. Just text us we will take care of it! We offer a list of amenities including a full cable package and a gym membership. We are your FAA Academy housing provider.

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